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It is the intention of the National PLAN Alliance (NPA) to have at least one PLAN program in each state. Check the program list to see if a PLAN program is in operation in your state. If there is no program in your state you may want to think about starting one to serve the needs of families who are seeking an answer to that burning question, “Who will do what I do when I am no longer able?”   A simple call to the NPA can help begin the journey of building a program and responding to the question and concern on the minds of families who have an adult loved one with a lifelong disability. To become a PLAN program and a member of the NPA a program must be a not-for-profit, be willing to serve families with a loved one with a lifetime disability, have a paid professional to manage the program, carry Directors and Officers insurance and be designed to provide, as a minimum a care plan, staff to carry out the care plan and to assure that the care plan is backed with resources to support it. The NPA can assist with board development, documents for not-for-profit status, incorporation, demographic and marketing surveys, and education materials. Currently, twenty-two PLAN programs exist in eighteen states. Colorado, Ohio and Texas each have more than one program. Get started today by contacting the NPA office at 518-587-3372 or .





 The National PLAN Alliance (NPA) is the only non-profit organization in America dedicated solely to meeting the planning needs of families with adult children having lifelong disabilities.

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