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Why is future-care so crucial today?

Still, some people ask, why is future-care planning important? Isn't it just a personal family issue?

Yes and no. When a family devises a lifetime care plan for a loved one with a disability, the plan is extremely personal. It is based on the families and the individual's-preferences. It includes details about their interests, values, beliefs, work styles, their need for interaction, and special physical and medical needs. The plan incorporates their goals for the future and helps them achieve these objectives by ensuring access to financial, legal, and social resources. So a future-care plan is personal to the family and the loved one with the disability.

But it is also a public service. Our society has changed and individuals cannot rely on the public sector to continue the quality of life and support families now provide for loved ones with disabilities. A few statistics reveal why:

- The capacity of government and the public sector to provide housing is limited and will never meet the demand.

- 65% of adults with a mental illness currently live with their families.

- Of the adult population with developmental disabilities, 80% currently live with their families.

The parents of these individuals are 50 to 80 years old. Their children are 25 to 55 years old. Together they have benefited from a number of societal, medical, and educational changes that have taken place during the last 30 years including expanded community services, the demise

of institutional care, assisted living technology, longer, healthier lives, psychotropic medication, rehabilitation, and educational opportunities.

These positive changes in quality of life now require that families face a new dilemma-who will take their place when they can no longer provide and coordinate care?

Together, the National PLAN Alliance, its member PLAN programs, families, and involved private and public sectors are developing a way to secure the future for the less able members of our society. Thus, in this way, we shall all carry on the circle of care.


 The National PLAN Alliance (NPA) is the only non-profit organization in America dedicated solely to meeting the planning needs of families with adult children having lifelong disabilities.

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