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What’s Happening at PLAN?


The 2014 National PLAN Alliance (NPA) was held in Denver June 27-29. The conference was hosted by Colorado Fund for People with Disabilities one of two NPA affiliates in Denver. The Special Needs Trust Network is the other affiliate.

The conference program provided presentations on risk management; the perspective of adults with a mental illness diagnosis who are in recovery; the Affordable Care Act and its impact on people with disabilities; advocacy and current issues and changes in the Social Security Administration’s Program Operations Manual System (POMS).

The conference provides an opportunity for directors, board members and staff to share ideas, gather information that effects PLAN programs such as rules and court cases related to pooled trusts, Social Security, guardianship, Medicaid, and successful programs operated by other PLAN programs.

Several new executive directors were welcomed at the 2014 conference. Those in attendance were Elizabeth Kosloff, PLAN of Arizona and Debbie Chickering, PLAN of Northeast Ohio, Cleveland. Other new directors include the following:

Andrew Sylvester, PLAN of Connecticut; Larry Goodman, PLAN of Georgia; Christy Holland (interim), PLAN of Pennsylvania; Ruth Josenhans (Transition Manager), PLAN of North Texas, Dallas.

Ellen Nalven, Executive Director of PLAN of NJ and Pat Freedman, President of the NPA Board of Directors and Executive Director of PLAN of MA & RI discuss New rules effect

Marty Ford, Senior Executive Officer of Public Policy for The Arc of the USA and Christi Romero-Roth, of the Colorado Fund for People with Disabilities set up a PowerPoint presentation on the Affordable Care Act and it’s impact on people with disabilities on Medicaid. Marty Ford gave the presentation.

John Kitchen, ESQ, Founder of Enhanced Life Options of NH and VT and a member of the NPA Board of Directors, presents current changes and interpretions in the POMS regarding Social Security and how they effect pooled trust beneficiaries, grantors and programs. Mr. Kitchen is a member of the Social Security Administration’s Advisory Board in Washington, DC.




 The National PLAN Alliance (NPA) is the only non-profit organization in America dedicated solely to meeting the planning needs of families with adult children having lifelong disabilities.

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